Hippity Hoppity Easters On It's Way!!!

I put my Easter decorations up this week and thought I would share with yall! Most of it came from Hobby Lobby, but Momma found some of it...like the egg platter and little egg candle holders! I just love all the colors Easter brings with it...now if we could just get this gross weather to cooperate!! :)

Yes, I'm using the vases again!! Jelly Bean eggs and peeps!! :)

Love this vintage look!! Hobby Lobby has it all!! Honestly they should start paying me for allt he promotion I do ;)

I'm getting soo excited for this weekend!! JoElyn (my sis-in-law) are going to Minneapolis to see Mamma Mia!!! We are leaving early in the morning and plan to shop all day tomorrow, then see the musical on Sunday!! Can't wait!!! :) I have a yummy Pizza recipe to share (really simple, and pretty ordinary, but I love to take pics of food!) I will try to post that sometime today!!

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