It has been brought to my attention that I have not been keeping up with my bloggly duties! I know, I am aware, but it has just been soo hard lately to sit down, type, upload pics, and remember the fun things that I've been up to!! :)

Let me try to catch you up!

My girlfriends and I went to Women of Faith and had an amazing time!! Seriously I would tell anybody to go, so if you get the chance take it!! AMAZING!!! :)

My Daddy and I took our annual Daddy/ Daughter Trip and we had a BLAST! Pics to come! :)

I am in Mississippi now (got here on Saturday!) and will head back home on Sunday! So far I have gone to New Orleans to visit my Brother and Sister-in-Law (pics to come), done some shopping, gone to visit my sweet Grandma, and got to have supper with my bestie Brittany and her sweet babe Halle Faye!! I have much more planned and of course the highlight is my niece's horse show is this weekend. We have been practicing lots with her ponies! Too bad it's like a million degrees here!! UGHHHH!!!

Ok! That's the Reader's Digest version of what I have been up to!! More to come :)


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