Hole In The Wall Part 2

So after our ride we went back to camp to enjoy a chuck wagon supper!!

This is a picture of the cabin that Butch and Sundance stayed in...

This is what that spot looks like today!!


dutch oven cooking!

Yummy steak..it was even yummier the next morning!!

the entertainment...he was really good!!

dutch oven desserts!


around the campfire...it was SOOO cold!!

soo much fun!! I know I have already said this, but we had the BEST time!! :) Can't wait for our next Daddy/Daughter trip....hmmm where do I want to go next?!? Denali National Park in Alaska...don't mind if I do!!! ha! :)


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  1. I always enjoy the adventures you have with your Daddy. You are making lifetime memories. I miss my daddy everyday and just wish I could talk to him one more time.
    From a Tennessee fan