Minneapolis Weekend!!

We had the BEST time! JoElyn, Tracey and I left early Saturday morning and headed for the outlet malls in Alberville, MN....let's just say we did out part to boost the economy :) I got some cute stuff at The Gap, and got the Farmer some "cute" stuff at Eddie Bauer...then I had to make a stop at Coach! There was a line out the door and after waiting 15 minutes to just get in the store, I figured I should at least get a new purse....so I did :) I don't feel like getting my camera out to take a pic (It is Labor Day after all) but its super cute brownish/bronze with the Coach logos and a multi color band across the middle!! Oh, I almost forgot about all the fun stuff I got at Bath and Body Works! They have there Fall fragrances out and they are to die for!! I needed a refill for my Wallflower so this was perfect! I picked up the leaves, pumpkin patch, and sweet cinnamon pumpkin scents...and just had to have the liquid soap in creamy pumpkin and sweet cinnamon pumpkin..along with that same scent for my cute little Scent Bug! If you love the smells of Fall, you should for sure check it out!!

After the outlets we made a quick stop by JoAnn's Fabric so JoElyn could look for the fur she needs for our stoles that we are going to wear for outdoor pics at her wedding! We didn't have much luck with the fur...but I did find some more cute Fall decorations, including the most adorable metal corn stalks that I put out in front of the house...I will take pics once I get my mums purchase and planted! {I LOVE FALL!!!!}

After the outlets, we headed to IKEA...JoElyn and I had never been so were pretty excited for the experience! I loved it but didn't find much that I had to have, except this....

How cute will this be for photography (it's kid sized)?!?! Love it for $14 bucks!! So I snagged one up! (Click on picture for more info!)

After IKEA, we went downtown checked into our hotel room and then headed to The Melting Pot for a fun dinner....our plans, however, were ruined when we realized we needed a reservation to get in before 10:30....boo!! Oh well, we sucked it up and headed down the hallway to Hell's Kitchen instead!! They had live music, so that was fun...maybe not as fun as fondue..but fun nonetheless!

On Sunday we saw Wicked...that's all I remember out Sunday!! Ha! It was so much more than AMAZING!!!! WOW!!!! seriously it was FABULOUS!!! I can't even describe it in words...just go see it :)

Here we are being cheesy tourists!! can you see the corner of the new purse?

I am now counting down the days until my Daddy gets here!!!! 3 more days!! :)


  1. I love "Wicked" - it's such a great musical :-) I hear that they're making it into a movie!

  2. fun! we're headed to the cities (AND the outlets!) next weekend! woohoo!