Mums the word!!!

I finally got my mums purchased and planted! Aren't they fab?!?!? And isn't my metal corn just the cutest!?!??! Hopefully I will get pumpkins to put out soon!

Sorry these pics aren't the greatest, but it was starting to rain, I was on the phone, and I was in my "lounge wear" (read...pajamas!!) and too many people were driving by staring! ha!

Daddy is on his way....although last time I talked to him, he was in Oklahoma...not on the way!! His Garmin (Calamity) lead him astray!! He is back on track now, but wont get here until LATE tonight!!! I am soo ready for our Wyoming adventure at the Hole in the Wall!!
For the record I still haven't unpacked from our Yellowstone trip, much less the Minneapolis trip this past weekend!! Yikes!!


  1. Those mums look so bright and cheerful, and I love the decorations!

  2. I love, love, love the metal corn decor!!