"What is that on your head?!?!"

So the Farmer came home at lunch today and asked if I wanted to go to Casey's Bakery! Of course I screamed yes, then dashed off to get dressed! No, I don't get dressed in the mornings..I am much more productive in my pjs!!

Anyway, I had gotten this adorable headband yesterday from Mr. UPS Man, and I was just dying to wear it! So I shoved it in my hair slipped on one of my new J Crew tops and exclaimed "I'm ready, let's go!!" The Farmer took one look at me and asked "What is that on your head?!?!" ...I said "It's a headband..duh!!!" He then admitted he had seen it in the bathroom and assumed it was a photography prop for little girls!!! UGHHHHH!!! I ignored him and wore it anyway...secretly hoping to get a compliment to prove to him that it is age appropriate! No luck! Oh well I will just have to keep wearing! HA! :)

More Wyoming pics to come!! :)