Will we ever get there?!?!

I'm an instant gratification kind of girl..having to drive 35 miles on awful gravel/dirt road to get to our destination was not my idea of a good time!! I seriously thought we would NEVER get to the ranch! We got lost..but only once, so I'm guessing it could have been worse! I have to say that when we finally did arrive, it made it ALL worth it!!

Some wildlife along the way! We must have seen a hundred antelope over the course of the weekend!

Made it!!!

This is a shot of the Willow Creek Ranch as you drive up to it! GORGEOUS!!

This was our cabin!! Soo cute!! The view was like none I had ever seen! I could have rocked on that porch for hours!! It was at this point I thought to myself..maybe being "outdoorsy" wouldn't be so bad after all!!

Buckingham..I think this was the last name of one of the original ranch managers.

Walking in the front door...of course I just plopped all my stuff down and started taking pics!

This is the entry way to the right of the bunk beds...real log cabin!!

This was the main room...no TV, no Internet, no phone....it was SOO peaceful!! I have to admit that I did have my computer and just happened to have left the dvd Amelia in it...so I watched it before bed!! Give me a break, I can only go so long without technology!!

Heading into the Kitchen...

Nice big kitchen! Even if all we made was coffee! I left out the bathroom pic..but once you've seen one, you've seem 'em all! :)

Rocking on the font porch, getting ready for our ride to the Red Wall!!


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