10 on 10!

10 pics from the 10th of the month!!

We had a very busy Saturday trying to finish up some projects around the house before harvest begins!!

1. First up was cleaning the playroom and finally getting these adorable Ikea hooks hung up! 
I told The Farmer to put them up "willy nilly" and he did just that!! :)
Now all the boys dress up stuff is easily accessible! I still have a big bin with other accessories that wont hang up, 
but I love the way this displays all their bigger items!

2. Also in the playroom, I took the doors off this cabinet (to the right) so that Merritt could park all his farm equipment in it!! He has been begging me to move his barn so he could get through both sides of the gates, so I moved one of our toy organizers to the basement and scooted the barn over! he loves it!! Both of the boys are asking for big tractor loaders along with a planter and hay baler for Christmas, so hopefully there will be enough room for them too!!

3. Then once all the toys were cleaned up, we put the Roomba to work!! 
I am obsessed with this thing...a robot vacuum, yes, please!! I have been wanting one for forever, and we finally got one for our anniversary this year! We figured it would cost the same to go to a fancy dinner, a concert, and stay somewhere nice...and as you can see, the Roomba won!! Best decision EVER!! I get so much more done, since I feel like I should be doing other housework while it's running! Win win!! :) Now if they would just invent a robot dishwasher...or is the dishwasher already the robot?!?!?  Maybe I need a robot to load and unload!! ;)

4. We also finally got all the new light fixtures up that we purchased this spring!!

5.I love them and they look so great with the fans throughout the house!!
This is the entry way light...

6. And these are the hallway lights! So glad to check this off the list...
those boxes had been taking over my bedroom all summer!

7. Mmm soup for lunch!! I have been on a canned soup kick since the 
weather turned a little cooler! And how cute is this soup bowl...
found it in a set of two at Target on clearance!! Score!

8. Next up was spray painting!! This is one of the centerpieces for my MOPS group! 
The theme this year is Starry Eyed..perfect, right!?! I had already painted the other 7, 
but the orange just wasn't the right shade, so I redid it!! Love it now! 
Will show you all the details after the first meeting next week!! :)

9. I also finally got my storm door hardware painted...
this has been on my to-do list for at least a year...
I am such a procrastinator, especially on things that I don't see all the time!!

10. Love how it turned out!! Hammered bronze spray paint is AMAZING!! 
Now it matches perfectly to the front door hardware! Yea!

Bonus pic 11: Since we were so busy today, I forgot to put something in the 
crockpot for supper, so we had frozen pizzza!! 
Cheese for the boys and Chicken, Bacon, Ranch for the big kids...very tasty! :)

Hope you had a great September 10th!!

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