Fall Gathering!

We had lots of fall fun on the farm yesterday! The Farmer's fam came over for lunch and a hayride! Merritt has been wanting to have everybody over since McCoy's b-day and he thought having a hayride would be perfect..of course this fun lovin Momma quickly agreed!! hehe! He kept calling it "his party" I finally broke down and told him there wouldn't be presents...but there would be candy...he decided that was a good compromise!! We filled our little pool up with straw and hid candy in it for all the kids to find!! Such a fun day!

Of course I pulled out all my fall colored Fiestaware!!

Yellow, Scarlet, Tangerine, Marigold, and Scarlet :)

made the cheeseball into a pumpkin!! Cute!

We also had burgers, corn, calico beans, fruit, chips and dessert!! 
I made Candy Corn M&M Blondies and Pumpkin cake (recipe)!!

We even saddled up Jake for a few quick loops around the yard!!

I think this will have to become a new fall tradition!! 

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