Our Thanksgiving!!

We decided to have our Thanksgiving on Wednesday, so Tuesday night Merritt and I did lots of prep work! He also stayed in the next day and was such a huge help!! What a fun time to share with my buddy!! McCoy enjoyed helping the Farmer!!

We started out with little smokies, cheese ball, and cheese spread!

So proud of the pies!!

All recipes were pretty much the same as last year (link)

cornbread dressing



cranberry fluff- recipe. I usually make Cranberry Salad, and it is amazing, but it's kind of a lot of work, 
and I just wanted something simple this year. Totally fit the bill and was super yummy!

cream cheese corn

mashed potatoes
I usually do some kind of yams but we never end up eating them, 
so simple mashed potatoes won out this year!

veggie casserole

yeast rolls/cinnamon butter

pecan pie cheesecake

So very thankful for these two turkeys!!

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