Snow Day!!

Merritt woke everybody up this morning by screaming "It's Snowing!!! Santa is coming!!!" Oh my!! They both had to go out quick and see!! Lot's of snow, but no Santa yet!! :)

Our school's football team is playing in the state championship game today (Go Nighthawks!!), 
so they didn't have school! The football boys came by Merritt's room yesterday and they all got to line up and give them high fives before they headed off the dome, he thought that was soo cool!! :)

So this morning turned out to to be the perfect time to write our letters to Santa!!

McCoy's Bogs came in just in time and he wont take them off!! 
We love bogs!! :)

And yes, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house!! Woohoo!! 
Put a few things up this morning, but the tree will have to wait until after Thanksgiving!!


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