Vanity Update!

I decided I wanted to have my nail polish in my closet too, so I found this cute organizer and hung it up on the opposite wall of the mirror! LOVE it!!

While I was getting ready for a 4-H meeting last night, this little nugget jumped in my bed to watch a movie!! It was truly amazing!! He was quiet and content...much unlike his behavior when I did my makeup in the bathroom!! He would open every drawer, mess with the fan, spray every bottle he could get his hands on, stood on the stool to get into my things, and closed the door a million times!! The beauty of  the closet is, that while I'm sitting at the vanity, they can't get in and touch my stuff!! 

Then Merr came in from helping the Farmer and they had a snack on the floor! 
They were contained/not wrecking the house, while I leisurely did my makeup!! Bliss!!!


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