Friday is "the" day!!! you can guess I still don't know what our little Peep is!!! My appointment went great, everything looks good and she even sent me home with some yummy neon orange drink (glucose screening) to enjoy before my appointment next month..ha! She just couldn't make out if it's a boy or a girl, but the good news is, I get to go back on Friday for my "big" ultrasound to find out!!! No more weekend waiting!! Now if Peep tries to hide, this momma is not gonna be impressed!!

So to tide me over until Friday, I decided to do a little nursery shopping!!! I have had my eye on this chair for awhile but couldn't decide if the color would be right! I would like to use it for all my babes, so I wanted it to be gender neutral anyway and yellow just happens to be in both the girl and boy bedding I have picked out! On the reviews it says it's more of a sunflower color, which will be perfect!! Now I just hope it makes it here before my nursery decorating crew arrives!!

Now! If it's a boy I already have some of these adorable western hankies,11441.html that I am going to frame and then get this matching quilt for his crib, that I found on Etsy!!

I will use red gingham and red bandanna as bedding and accents!!

And if it's a girl, I will be using this fabric below, mixed with yellow and pink gingham!! LOVE it!!!


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