Some of the things I have ordered are finally starting to arrive!! I got the polka dot bedding in (adorbs!) and one of the cowboy blankets! I LOVE the way they look together and I even think they look great with the tan color that is already on the walls in the room that is to be Peep's nursery!! So maybe no painting will be required..stay tuned!!

My chair still hasn't made it, so I'm a little nervous about that, but everything else is coming along just as I had planned! My Decorating Crew is bringing all the furniture with them, it's a Jenny Lind white set and is fabulous!! My Ma (Momma's Momma) bought it for us (my siblings) when we were babies, then my sister used it for her kids and now I get to use it!! It's soo pretty and goes with anything! There is a crib, changing table, dresser, high chair, and the most precious little coat rack thing with a little seat on it...I have no idea what it's really called and can't find it online but this piece is extra special because Ma gave it to me for one of my birthdays and I just sat on it the whole day and wouldn't get off (thought I had a pic, but I can't find it, I was soo cute!) I hung all my little purses on it, even when I was in high school!...don't think Merritt will do that, but it's perfect for his rope and spurs his Grandaddy already got him!!

The Farmer and I will be moving my indoor studio to the basement this weekend, since the room the studio is in will be the nursery! Not sure when I will have the new studio all ready to go, but I have to have the nursery empty, now! All this baby stuff taking over my house!! It needs a home!!

Of course there will be tons of nursery pics once we get it all set up!! I told the Farmer the other day, that I hoped our next baby was a girl, because I was gonna be soo bored during that pregnancy without a new room to design and decorate!! If it is a boy, I will just have to design and decorate Merritt's "big boy room" instead....ok never mind, problem solved!! haha!! Maybe I should have this babe first, before I start to worry about that! :)

Well that's it for now! I have 5 shoots to edit, so be prepared for lots of cuteness to grace the blog soon!!!


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  1. I hope you don't run out of enthusiasm by the time Merritt gets here. I'm worried he may not get enough attention. Hope the farmer can find enough time between decorating to get the crop in.