Black Hills Stock Show!

We had SOO much fun!! I didn't get to see much of the Farmer but we did get to have a fun dinner every night and on Saturday night, since the Simmental show and sale were over, he took me to the rodeo! I was pretty excited about this since I haven't been to a rodeo since moving from Montana...where we pretty much went to a million!!

The other big highlight of the trip included taking a hummer limo down to Deadwood (one of my fave towns!!) and back on Friday evening! Our fiends, Tracey, Lacey, Jared, and Sandra came too! It was soo fun except I got a little limo sick while going up through the winding mountains...but I'd rather be sick in a limo than sick in a car any day :) We had supper at the Deadwood Gulch Resort, then gambled away the $35 they gave us for coming down! I played a little Black Jack without much luck, then the limo took us back to Rapid, fun, fun!!

At the Deadwood Gulch Resort..they were having a cruise night!!!

We also got to catch up with our friends Ashlee and Jason but I didn't get any pics of that :(
I can't wait to go back next year :)

Next up...the fun things I found at the trade show!!

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the Black Hills Stock Show. It is a premier event for the area and I personally look forward to it every year since I rodeo and know many of the contestants.

    The Hummer limo from Deadwood Gulch is something, huh? Too bad you didn't win big at blackjack!

    SD Office of Tourism