My Valentine!!

My Valentine came home during lunch and surprised me with flowers (he knows I LOATHE roses..well, red roses! Soo I got Gerbera daisys~Love!!) and {drum roll please} the new cow Pandora charm!!! I have been dying for it!!! Soo cute :)

Ohh and apparently I'm "so lucky" hahaha!!

With the addition of this new charm, I felt the need to photograph my whole bracelet!! Are you dying to know when I got each one??...ok, I'll fill you in! hehe! Let's start from the left...The Snowman: he got me this while we were in Minneapolis at the Mall of America, I picked it out in honor of our first winter as a married couple! Polka dot green Murano glass charm: got it at the same time, "just because!" Cute little pony: I got this one and the Green zig zag Murano glass charm (on the right) sometime last winter..the jewelry store where he normally gets them were having some sort of a deal, so I picked these two out!! The four leaf clover: He got me this one for my Birthday last year (I wanted it since I'm a 4-H leader!) The Pineapple: He got me this one while we were in the Bahamas on our Honeymoon! The pink and green polka dot Murano glass charm, the adorbs pig charm, and the wedding cake charm: He got me these and the bracelet as my wedding present!! I was SOOO surprised!! I kinda thought he was going to get me the bracelet and the pig charm, since I had been telling him all along that I wanted a (real!) baby pig for my wedding gift (ha!), but I had no idea he was going to get me the other two! Thanks to the Jewelry store ladies who talked him into it!! hahaha! The cupcake charm: I got this one while in Omaha with our friends in honor of our 1 year anniversary, since we ate our (old/gross) wedding cupcakes to celebrate! And then the Precious cow charm: Valentines 2011!!! Love my bracelet and Love my Farmer!!

Happy Valentines Day :)


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