More Changes!!

Soo I have finally decided to make the bedroom fabulous!! It's just sort of ho hum blah....we all knew it was only a matter of time before I had to fix that!!

This is what it looks like now...well not now, this pic was taken shortly after we got married and I moved in! Now there are clothes and general mess everywhere, but it's not like I'm gonna show yall a pic of that!!!

After much debate, I have finally found my dream quilt!!,default,pd.html

Don't you just LOVE it!?!?! I ordered it on Wednesday and got the shams too!! I can not wait for it to come in!! The Farmer actually likes it too...ok, that's kind of a lie! He sort of grunted and said he liked whatever I liked when I was showing him some of the final options! Just another reason I love that he is color blind!!! I feel like this quilt is not super feminine though...right?!?! I mean, it has lots of blues in it :)

I am going to paint the back wall (with the window) the golden yellow that's is in the quilt ( I have been wanting to paint this wall that color since I moved in, but I kept thinking the bedspread we have now would not look good with it!! I will also paint the picture frames (below) the turquoise color in the quilt!!

I am also gonna try to find some different lamp shades in a yellow our turquoise!! AND I have to find some fabulous curtains!! I think it would look better with white mismatched furniture, but I just can't bear to part with my Pier 1 "rustic" pine bedroom set..I still regret not getting the headboard!!

I want the room too look like it's straight out of Country Living magazine!! I think I need something with chicken wire too!! hehe!! Stay tuned for after pics!! :)


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