The First Reveal!!

Let me preface this post by stating: The room is not complete!! So please don't judge, I debated whether or not to post pics until I had everything in place but yall know me...I have zero patience!! Soo here we go!! Oh and also, these pics are wretched and I despise that big ugly brown closet...but "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow." (Name that movie!! Hint: It's one of my ALL TIME faves! hehe)

Here is the before....

and this is the after!!

I Love the yellow (it looks soo amazing in person!) and I love the quilt! I just need to find the perfect bed skirt, curtains, and lamps to pull it all together!! At the moment I am thinking yellow and white damask or stripe curtains and turquoise lamps! Or maybe some gingham/plaid? I really want to incorporate more prints..I'm not sure how this is all gonna turn out but you can bet you will find out!! :) Here is some idea pics....

I am meeting my fam in Branson, MO later this month and hope to get the chance to swing by Home Goods!! I have heard such amazing things about it but alas, there is not one around here! There are also a ton of outlet malls and other fun shopping around Branson, so I'm hoping to come home with lots of treasures to complete the room!! :)



  1. Oh I love me some Home Goods and TJ Maxx :) Have fun, it looks beautiful so far!!

  2. Ahhhh! I LOVE BRANSON! your room is TOO cute! LOVE IT!

  3. Blog hopped here from Anna, love you room! I just posted a tour of my house, and my bedroom is a cheery yellow with a quilt very similar to yours!

  4. I LOVE this! Its FAB!!! Come on 'ova and share this at my Linky Par-Tay!



  5. What did you do with the old comforter? I think I was on the shopping trip when you discovered it! New one is awesome but I love the old one too. Want to sell it?

  6. Sorry Shar! My Momma had the same idea and made me bring it to her in Branson :)