New look for the living room!!!

Soo we painted an accent wall red (bowl of berries) I think it turned out really good!! The edges are not the best so I may try some twine/rope to line it with and give it a rustic look...we'll see! I found the turquoise bench at the antique store and painted it...when i finally put it in the room, we realized it is lopsided!!! The Farmer is going to trim one side down so it will be even..still not sure if I love it?!!?

New pillows!

My favorite!

some new decor pieces...

painted this M!!

on top of the shelf....this is a Charlie Russel Painting, he was a famous artist from Montana and has always been one of my Daddy's faves, I actually have a few of his prints that my parents have given me over the years...but this particular one is special...It is called Waiting for a Chinook/Last of the is the story behind it Even though the original is displayed in the MT Historical Society Museum in Helena, the Mont. Stckgrwrs Assoc. (where I worked before moving to Iowa) actually owns the painting, so my parents gave it to me to remember my time in Montana! Love it!

bad pic...but ohh well...cluster of wedding pics on the right!

This is one of my favorite pieces! My Uncle Den and Aunt Betty gave it to me when I was a little girl and I have always loved it! Now with the new color scheme, it goes perfectly in the living area!

Love this pic from the wedding!!

ok that's all for now!! I have to finish the magazine tomorrow, followed by a photo shoot tomorrow afternoon, then I have to edit all the shoots I have been doing lately!! Busy bee :)



  1. I love the colors! Such a cute collection of decor!

  2. Great stuff. We have a wall in our house that is red. I really like that cowboy picture frame.

  3. I love the wall color, too. You do have a flair for decorating!

  4. This looks great...the red is so cute! I love the vintage Women of the Wild West print that's framed, it's neat to have history behind it like that-the Charlie Russel one too. I like how pillows can spruce a room right up and not cost too much. So cozy! Love it!