Bucket Calf Show!

Tonight the Farmer judged the Bucket Calf Show at the Fair...this was his birthday present from me! hehe! Just kidding, I got him a snazzy new cowboy hat and if he ever wears it, I will get a pic! :) Anyway, he did such a good job with the little kids...the only complaint I heard was "man! he is so tall!" too funny!

I was his lovely assistant in the green :) Thanks for taking pics JoElyn!

We decided to check on "the baby" before heading home! I was soo excited for this beautiful Iowa sunset...

I managed to get one pic before the Iowa Farm boy corn surfed through my lens!!


  1. Were the little calves on the left some kind of miniatures, especially the white one ! You could have told us who one, or is that coming later.
    Great shots of an iowa cornfield at sunset. Can you send me those pics ?

  2. HM-
    I just have to see a picture of Craiggers in a cowboy hat...I can't picture it. Will he actually wear it?