Soooo...I bought a sewing machine! That's right, I figured I didn't have enough hobbies, so why not add another to the list!

I have never sewn anything in my life, except Barbie clothes with my Poo (my Daddy's Momma) and that was ages ago, and we did it by hand...She showed me how to thread a needle, sew on snaps and buttons, and do a running stitch. Along with these valuable lessons, she also shared an awful story about the time she was learning to sew on a machine and sewed her finger!! I silently vowed, right then, to never use a sewing machine..ever...for fear of having a floral print Barbie mini skirt sewn to my finger for the rest of my life! And up until now I haven't broken that promise to myself!! Not that I have ever needed or really had the desire to..but in the past few months, I have just really wanted to give it a whirl! After all, Poo is a magnificent seamstress, so she must have gotten over the whole finger ordeal!

I have really always loved the idea of sewing. My Momma had (still has) a bright blue Singer sewing machine (hmm now that I think of it..maybe it's not a Singer, but I know it sits on an amazing antique Singer sewing table) I used to imagine having a mint green machine and sewing my barbies outfits for each day of the year! She also had an amazing sewing basket (is that what they are called?!?) with all sorts of thread in every color, I would line each one up like the colors of the rainbow...and buttons, boy did she have buttons!!! I enjoyed going through them to find the ones that matched! Yes, we had TV...i was just weird!

Anyway!!! Lately, I keep seeing all these amazing items on and think, I could do that ...if I only knew how to sew! So, I took the plunge and purchased a machine....I went for the very inexpensive beginner model!

I'm thinking it must be for teenagers, since it's main selling feature are these "skins" that come with it, to allow you to change the look of your sewing machine to fit your mood! I wonder if it comes with a "this is crazy complicated and I don't want to sew my finger" skin, for my mood at the moment!!

I guess I should be honest and tell yall that all I have done at this point is take it out of the box, but that was complicated enough! I will let it sit on the table and taunt me until I have enough courage to face the finger eating beast!!! Stay tuned :)


  1. reminds me of when I was little & my Grannie would take me with her to quiltings. It took me a while to realize I was there to thread the needles of the aging quilters !

  2. awesome! you'll have so much fun! i've really only made very simple things, but it is SO fun to sew! can't wait to see your creativity!