Busy, Busy, BUSY!!

Sorry for the shortage of posts this week...In an attempt for forgiveness, I have prepared a list of worthy excuses for your consideration:

-Our County Fair Started yesterday (Saturday) I am a 4-H Club leader so that meant lots of work last week to get ready!
-On Tuesday night, our club was assigned fairgrounds clean up...this was EXHAUSTING!!!
-My sis-in-law is getting married in December, so we worked on her super cute Save The Dates on Wednesday
-I also had to go to the Dentist on Wednesday...1 cavity...UGHHH!!!
-On Thursday evening, we traveled to South Dakota with our friends Kati and Jared, to visit our other friends, Ashley and Scott's new baby boy!!
-On Friday, I had a Doctor's appointment because I think I am allergic to the sun!! hehe!! It's hard to explain but I think the issue has been resolved! Stay Tuned ;)
-Also on Friday I had to decorate/set up our club's booth for the fair!
-And also on Friday, I took baby Rose's one year portraits (pics coming soon!) then the Farmer and I met Darren and Cora (Rose's parents) at Blue Mountain for supper...I had the best "Mississippi Blackened Catfish with Cheddar Cheese Grits and Fried Zucchini" ...I was sceptical that anywhere in Iowa could produce this typical southern dish, but I was pleasantly surprised by its AMAZINGNESS!! And it made me miss home :) Then we all headed to Kayla and Jordan's for a bit, to enjoy the fire they had going in their backyard. Such a fun night!
-Yesterday (Sat.) I had to judge the Photography Contest at the fair, then we went to see our towns Summer Theater Troupe's performance of the Velveteen Rabbit! Quite a few of my 4-H girls were in it and did such a GREAT job!
-Oh and incase you forgot, I have a full time job on top of all that :)

I hope you will except these explanations of my blog short comings and find it in your hearts to forgive me :) I wish I could tell you that this week I will be a better blogger, but the forecast looks bleak!

We will have County Fair all week, The Farmer has to judge the bucket calf show and I have to judge the rabbit show (no, I am not a rabbit expert! The show is just for the little kids I had in Discover 4-H..I will be judging on how well they cared for their animal and fun stuff like that), so that will take care of Monday and Wednesday night. Plus making sure I'm there for all of the other events my 4-H girl's are participating in will surely take up any free time I might have had :) I also have Emily and Matt's Wedding to shoot on Saturday! Should be a another busy but enjoyable week!!

I am headed to make a surprise cheesecake for the Farmer! His birthday is tomorrow but we are celebrating tonight, due to aforementioned obligations!

I have included the necessary evidence:

Our club's booth at the fair, all the girl's exhibits are placed here so the fair go-ers can admire everyone's hard work!

The Velveteen Rabbit!!



  1. Cool fair exhibit !!! I'm all about the catfish & grits (ugh on the zuccini, even though it is fried), but a FIRE in July; you surley aint in Mississippi now; low last night was 86, hi today 100. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Farmer !!!