The End is in Sight!!

The last of the corn is being combined today! Woohoo!!There are still other things that have to be finished up, but it is such a relief to know the end is in sight!! :) We had such a fun morning in the combine with The Farmer! Can't believe we all fit, but it was such sweet memories!! :)

Mommy and her little cow :)

The Farmer and The Little Farmer!

having the time of his little life!!

Coy-boy was mesmerized!!

taking it all in!

 He is wearing a Jackrabbit hat, when you ask him about his daddy's college he says "The Bunnys!!" hehe :)  Speaking of colleges, can I get a Hail State?!?! I am a two time graduate of the number one football team in the nation...pretty cool! I'm not a big sports person, but I am and always will be a bulldog and it is exciting!! :)

the life!! 

Daddy's boys!!

Love these boys to the moon and back!! :)

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