More Do-a-Dots!

We had a big morning of Thanksgiving fun! First we worked on some do-a-dots pages. These markers are so fab, I just love them, and so does he!! Up next Cupcake Tee Pees!!

this will be his 3rd Christmas to wear that shirt...pretty sure we will have to retire it soon :(

Oh I just have to tell yall what just happened...My Momma sent all sorts of fancy chocolate candy for a Thanksgiving happy for us, so Merritt has been getting one before his nap. He forgot it today, so I brought it in to him and told him he had to tell me what color it was before he could have it. He kept guessing wrong, so the Farmer thought he would be sneaky and tell him the color, so he whispers "pink" in Merritt's ear, Merritt proudly yells "PINK!" It took everything I had not to die was BLUE!!! The candy was BLUE!! I said "nobody gets candy!!" Safe to say The Farmer will not be helping teach colors!! #colorblind #imstilllaughing #canyouevenusehashtagsinblogs

p.s. Just so yall don't think I'm totally evil, The Farmer thought it was funny too AND I gave Merritt the candy anyway ;)

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