Kindermusik Costume Party!

Have I told yall how much we love Kindermusik?!?! It is so fun to have a special time just for me and Merritt!! The Party tonight was so great! We have the best teacher that makes everything so much fun :) They did songs/rhymes, had a super cool obstacle course, then did some fun crafts and exchanged their treats!!! 

he looks soo cute while trying to frog jump over these! Check out the video :)

Lone Ranger or The Flash?!?!

Playing Sounds Bingo game! This was a huge hit for Merr!! She gave them all a pack of M&Ms then handed out the bingo picture cards and played all the sounds. They had to put the candy on the picture of the sound they heard! He got sooo excited for every sound!! I found a version online to print and download, so we can play at home!

painting a Thankful tree!!

posing with his pumpkin person craft!!


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