I LOVE games, so I have been waiting for awhile now for Merritt to learn to play too!! We tried Memory last spring and it was a disaster, so we gave it another try this morning and it was tons of fun!! He loved it and even beat me ;) Santa brought him this Disney Christmas Memory game last Christmas and I have been itching to open it up! It's so cute!! Not sure if you can still buy it, but it has Woody, Buzz, Mater, Lightning McQueen, the princesses, the Mickey Mouse crew, and some Winnie The Pooh characters! I just picked out some of his faves, so he wouldn't get too confused with all the tiles out at once! Worked perfectly! We had an animal version of Memory when we were kids..I think it was matching the mommas to the was my fave!
He asked Santa for more games this year and I'm pretty sure he will be bringing Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Don't Break The Ice, and Cootie!! Santa loves to stock up on deals all year long ;) Stay tuned and bring on the competitiveness!! ha!! :)

You will notice the rope has made another appearance and had to be hung on the chair!! I would just hide it if Merritt didn't love it soo much!!

telling me he was number one!! haha!