Thanksgiving Day!

We started Thanksgiving Day with our tradition of watching the parade on TV!! Merritt really loved it this year! Then we headed to eat lunch with The Farmer's family and wibble wobbled home!! Last night, we carried on with our other tradition of watching Home Alone! It used to always come on TV on Thanksgiving night, so growing up we loved to watch it! The first time I came to Iowa to visit The Farmer was Thanksgiving so I made him watch it with me, and we have done it ever since! Ohh the memories! :)

My Momma sent this to Merritt for his first Thanksgiving, but he wasn't really drinking bottles then and I didn't want him to wreck it with baby food, so he never wore it! Lucky for McCoy, I saved it and he got to wear it for his first Thanksgiving!! It is soo gorgeous (can bibs be gorgeous?!?!) It is made by Mud Pie but I'm not sure you can get it anymore?

Big boy sitting at the kids table...and not wanting Mommy to take pictures!! hehe :)

McCoy had to sit with Mommy and Daddy! :) 

And this is what happens when you don't bring and extra pair of pants for your (almost) three year old!!

the end!! :)

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