Thanksgiving Happy!!

I was going to save this until next week, but Merritt pooped in the big potty last night (I put his little potty away -after majorly disinfecting it- and got him a little seat to go on the big potty, he has been tee-teeing in the big potty for a few weeks now, just need to get the pooping part down!) and I promised him a prize when he woke up!! He has outgrown his baby towels..tear, when I was in Mississippi I found these adorable Dusty "Pop-pop-per" towels! I thought they would make a great Thanksgiving Happy for the boys! I also pulled two books out of my stash...a Berenstain Bears (Merritt is LOVING them these days..I started collecting them when The Farmer and I got married!) Thanksgiving book and The Night Before Thanksgiving book, along with some Turkey sippy cups I got on clearance for 30 cents!!...perfect little turkey day surprise :)

he is obsessed with this turkey sippy!! Good thing I got two and Coy cant use his yet!! :)

I opened the towel up to show is like a poncho and he screamed "no hair cut" and ran away...great, just great! :)

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