What's Up Wednesday!

What we are eating this week? Turkey, turkey, and more turkey!! I have leftovers for days and it's glorious!!

What I'm reminiscing about? Childhood Christmases! I have started decorating, (not the tree yet) and every year I can't help but think how much fun it was to be a kid at Christmas! I loved decorating the tree (we got a real one every year and it was so fun to pick it out!), helping set up my Momma's Christmas Village (it is pretty extensive and gorgeous!), looking at Christmas lights, the elves, and presents from Santa! It was all so magical and I love seeing it through the eyes of my boys now! :)
Me circa 1983 or 84...looks like McCoy with red hair :)

What I'm loving? My Keurig!! I just love it this time of year! Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino is my fave afternoon treat and I love having a hot chocolate every now and then when The Farmer and I catch up on our shows at night! 
This year I got my old standbys, Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino along with Salted Caramel and Irish Cream Hot Coco (which are fab!) but I also decided to try the Milk Chocolate, Peppermint, and Dark Chocolate Hot Coco too...happy to report, they are all amazing!! The Grove Square brand is my fave for Cappuccino and Hot Coco! Not sure where you can get it in stores, I just buy from Amazon! :)

What we've been up to? Some fun Thanksgiving things!
How cute is this Indian Corn Merr made at preschool! Love it! He was a pilgrim today and had the cutest hat, but he wouldn't let me get his pic! Boo!

Love these little turkeys!!

Fall themed Monster Cookie Bars!

This thankful tree has been our favorite project! We write something we are thankful for every night after supper! Merritt thinks it is so fun deciding what put! One night he said "Oh let's put God, he is SUPER nice!!" We just laughed and said, he sure is buddy! :)

What I'm dreading? Keeping McCoy away from the Christmas tree!! I know it is going to be a daily battle, but I just have to put it up, Merritt has been asking about the tree for a month!! I used gates around it when Merritt was one, but I think McCoy will just shimmy around a gate...he is pretty sneaky!

What I'm working on? Getting the house decorated! Merritt helped me put up my beautiful Willow Tree Nativity last night and we got out our big Christmas pig!! Going to try to get the rest of the decor up today and probably put the tree up tomorrow! Will share a full tour with yall when I get it all together! 

What I'm excited about? Christmas! I am such a kid, but I just don't care! haha!! Can't wait for the Santa Train Ride in a few weeks, also really exited to see my family! I think this is the longest we have gone without seeing each other since Merritt was born!! Four months is too long! :)

What I'm watching/reading? Watching Project Runway Junior, Scandal, The Middle, and Modern Family! Reading anything McCoy brings me, which is alot! This babe loves his books!

What I'm listening to? The Michael Buble Christmas CD! It is soo good!

What I'm wearing? I had some cute outfits this month, but forgot to take pics! These are the new pieces I got for fall/winter...
I got the vest from Zulily, the two flannel tops from Old Navy, and the booties are Nine West!

What I'm doing this weekend? Relaxing!! We have family Thanksgiving gatherings on Thursday and Friday, but nothing for Saturday, so we are going to stay home and watch Christmas movies! :)

What I'm looking forward to next month? Going with The Farmer to the state Cattlemen's Convention...shopping by myself for two days? Yes, please!! :) 

What else is new? Hmm, not a whole lot! Just gearing up for the holiday hustle and bustle! :)

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? The Elves!! They come five days before Christmas and leave fun little surprises in a magic boot (we had magic boots, but my boys have magic buckets!) every day until Christmas Day, this was by far my favorite tradition as a kid and I hope Merr and McCoy love it as much as I did!! 

I'm also excited about our new tradition this year...Advent Christmas book countdown! I finished all the bags except the ones for the four books that came from Scholastic yesterday...I will get those done and we will keep the books in a basket under the tree! Can't wait!


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