Micro Drifters!!

Lately, the boys have been really into playing with the little Disney Cars and Planes Micro Drifters! These are all the little prizes Merr got while he was potty training, they are soo cute and I will admit to enjoying playing with them as well!! :)

Tonight we deiced to get out the big ramp that you can race them on and ALL the boys had a ball!! Also for the record, I didn't plan the matching white T-shirts! ha!! 

Don't mind my mess on the counter, Christmas presents and decor DIYs are taking over! Also groceries for our little family Thanksgiving are everywhere! I am planning to do it on Monday and have to get the amazing cranberry salad made before then (you can just keep it in the freezer) I'm going to try to share the recipe with yall this year! It is a bit labor intensive, but it's soo YUMMY!! Stay tuned!! :)

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