We Love JayJay!

The boys had a big box waiting on them today when we got home, and got such a fun present from JayJay, Cade-o, and Pauggie! 
We love you soo much and can't wait to see you in a almost a month!! Woohoo!!

This fire truck is soo cute, he likes to watch Fireman Sam on Amazon Prime and is learning about fire safety in preschool, so this was perfect! He has been saving lives all day!! :)

If you didn't know, Coy is obsessed with Elmo (he calls him EEEeeMooo), but we didn't have a toy version yet, just books and dvds. He was beyond excited and had to have him at nap and then bedtime tonight, soo cute!! 

This one talks and sings the abc's, so I just popped the "talking peice" out of his back, so it wouldn't wake him up! Worked like a charm, then we just put it back in when he woke up! I have a non-talking version on his Christmas list!! hehe!! So excited to have this one to keep him occupied on the long trip to Mississippi for the holidays!! :)


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