Cinco De Mayo!

No, we didn't do anything to celebrate, except having tacos for supper, but we had a fun day nevertheless!!  

I have been going back and forth on what double stroller to get since I got pregnant! For awhile I thought maybe we wouldn't even need a double, but after multiple times of ending up carrying a tired little boy, I realized he still needs a seat when we are out and about! I finally decided (after reading a million reviews and realizing the amazing BOB jogger price tag was just not in the cards!) on the Schwinn Turismo and I LOVE it (so far!)!! I had originally decided on the non-jogging Graco Ready2Grow stroller, it is super nice and has lots of options for two kids, but in reality the bulk of time I used Merritt's single stroller was going on walks around town (paved roads), he loved and still loves stroller rides, so I knew the double stroller I chose would mostly get used for going on walks. Now that we live on the farm and have tons of gravel roads to walk on, the all terrain jogger stroller just made more sense!! Well, it came in today, Happy Mother's Day to me, so of course we had to take it for a spin!!! It's kind of a beast but handled fabulously on the gravel, grass, and dirt! Merritt did not want to get out when Mommy was too tired to go any further, so I would say it is a success! Can't wait to push my two boys around in their new ride! :)

lets go Mommy!!!

Good thing Daddy was filling up the planter, so helping him eased the pain of having to get out of the new stroller!!


helping with the graphite!

and the yummy end to the evening! Tasty baked Tacos!! 
I found this super easy recipe on Pinterest and now it always makes it into my meal plans! 

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