Omaha Zoo!

We are back from our little summer get-a-way! It was super fun and as always, I took lots of pics so sit tight and enjoy! :)

On Thursday we went to the Zoo in Omaha with The Farmer's family, we got off to a rocky start with some car issues, but finally made it there! Merritt loved it, it is such a fabulous zoo!!

matching octopus shirts for the zoo!!

brother love!

say what?!?!


checking out the tigers with cousin Seth!

pretty funky monkey!

snakes with Asher and Seth!

I see turtle!

ant eater!

in the desert dome!

family pic in the desert dome!

checking out the alligators!

touch tank!

just looked...didn't want to touch!



The zoo has a neat aquarium!


he loves sting rays!!

and this is what they looked like when we got to the car!!

two tired boys!!

had to put their zoo jammies on when we got to the hotel!! soo fun! 

I just love when McCoy makes his "save me" face!!! ha!

We left Omaha and headed down to Kansas City to meet my Sissy and nephew, to have a fun couple of days and so they could get August Ann (I was so sad to see her go!!) JayKay had a whole surprise party (her birthday is the 30th) set up in their room when we got there! So fun!

she was so surprised and excited!

Merritt was pretty excited too!

sea horses!

lots of snacks! The best part was the box of Gold Fish Mac and Cheese, JayKay thought it was crackers and the kids opened it and were like,"how are we supposed to eat this?!?!" She's like, "it's crackers!" And they were like "umm no it's mac and cheese for the stove!!" haha!! Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious!! :) 

birthday girl!

sneaking cake!

can not believe she is 12!!! CRAZY!

loved the balloons!

riding the sea horse!

Coy needed a horse too! :)


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