Phone Pics :)

as of today we have 24 little cars!! He is still pretty resistant to the potty, but things are getting better and he even wore big boy undies and teeteed in the potty while having them on..of course I asked him every 5 minutes if he needed to go!!

not loving his first time out...for throwing a Little People giraffe at his little brother!


and the Lone Ranger obsession begins!!

I had dvr'd the new Disney version of the Lone Ranger for Daddy to watch while he was here visiting, and he unknowingly had gotten Merritt a Lone Ranger mask and gun set for a prize! Perfect timing!!

When Daddy was here when McCoy was born he had packed Merritt a prize for everyday and kept them in his suitcase, he caught on pretty quick and every time Daddy went to get something out of his suitcase Merritt was right there with him looking for a prize!! ha! So this time, Daddy kept all the prizes in his truck, so every morning they went out and got one..I think the Lone Ranger set was his fave!!

While Daddy and I were antiquing, we found this old Lone Ranger board game!! Soo fun!

loves to be outside!

Also, loves to be outside :)

this is what happens when you stop bringing along a change of clothes for your two year old!! Ugghh!!

He teeteed right through his diaper and his shorts were least I had an extra diaper!!

doing his shopping! The Farmer says this will probably end up on the Shoppers of Walmart website! ha!

He is really into puzzles lately! We only had the kind where you put an animal or a shape on a board in its designated spot, but He was doing "real" puzzles at Story Time, so I got him a couple like those and he loves them!

All done, with August Ann's help :)

he can do this one all by himself  :)

when you put the last piece on, it makes a train noise, so cute!!

sidewalk chalk fun!!

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