The Play Room!!

I haven't shared pics of the playroom yet, so since it is actually clean today, I decided to take some shots!

view from the doorway, someday I will get the energy to paint it a bright, cheery color!

train table..he spends ALOT of time here!

I got this fun dry erase map, so he can learn his states and where all his family lives! It's so cute!

kitchen area!

magnet area!

these shelves need to be re-organized..but not today :)

his big farm!

the tv is a beast, but it has a dvd and a vhs hooked to it, so we can watch all my old movies and Lucky Luke on it!

he loves to look out these windows!

this is the other spot he spends ALOT of time..tractors!!

I got these Ikea mesh hanging organizers two years ago! Finally got them hung up! :)

train magnets!! Soo cool! He has the horse, farm, alphabet, and sea animals too. I think I blogged about them before, they are called Magnafun by T.S Shure and they are soo fabulous!!

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