Visit from the Fam!

My Daddy, Sissy, Niece, and Nephew came to visit us this past week! We had such a fun time! We all went shopping on Thursday, Daddy and I went antiquing on Friday, and I took the kids to see The Wizard of Oz Musical at our towns Summerfest Celebration, they loved it! We also did alot of eating, playing games, and watching The Lone Ranger (Merritt's new found fave!) They went home this morning but left August Ann here to stay with us for two weeks!! Woohoo!! We have lots of fun stuff planned...County Fair this week (have to see all my 4-H girls with their animals and projects, and I entered pictures in the open show again..stay tuned!), going to see the new Planes movie, a trip to Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Splash Pad fun, the Omaha Zoo with the Farmers fam, and lots of adventures in Kansas City when we meet my Sissy to drop her back off! Hoping to make this an annual thing, so I want her to have tons of fun! She is such a huge help and Merritt adores her!!

Cousins in the Corn!! Cade wasn't going to come because of football workouts, but decided to go at the last minute! I was so excited he came along!! What a GREAT surprise!

My Daddy with my boys!!!

My sissy brought them matching whale jammies!! Adorable!!

fun with Whoop!

silly boy with Whoop's glasses!

The Farmer's Birthday was yesterday! My Sissy and I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then for supper we had Mississippi sin dip for the appetizer and roast, rice and gravy, jello salad, veggie casserole, and rolls as the main dish! Of course dessert was his favorite cheese cake! 


singing Happy Birthday!

Merritt had to help blow out the candles and McCoy wanted to be in the pic!! hehe!

more whale jammies! JayJay did good!

Merritt did not love it when is Whoop didn't give him his full attention!

burping McCoy!

Me and my her to the moon and back!!

Auggie and the boys all ready for church this morning!

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