First Things First!

I'm Hayley, He's Craig, we (me) are planning a fabulous wedding for August 1, 2009. It will be a lime green and hot pink polka dot extravaganza! I am originally from Mississippi but moved to Montana after college (at Mississippi State University) to work in the Beef Industry. He is from Iowa and went to college at South Dakota State. We met in Montana at a big stock show, 8 months later I took a graphic design position and moved to Iowa to be closer to him. We got engaged at the Iowa State Fair (on the Sky Glider) on August 11th and I immediately started planning our lives together. He has a huge family in North West Iowa, where their farm has been in operation for 100 years! I am from a smaller family and grew up on a Quater Horse/Miniature Horse ranch in Mississippi. I am very girly and pretty dramatic...he is very laid back and the epitome of a farm boy...together we make the perfect pair! I knew hardly anything about farming when we I know a little more but still have a long way to go! I guess this blog will be a journey of our wedding and lives together as we try to meld two cultures in one!

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