Let them eat...cupcakes!!

yep! That's right, cupcakes! Hot pink and lime green ones to be exact! 300 to be more exact! In the most fun flavors too. I even found black cupcake liners so they will all look uniform and you will be surprised when you take a bite! I just ordered the cupcake tree...it needs some jazzing up so no pics just yet! The very top of the tree will hold the cake that we will cut (our fave:carrot!) It will have lime and pink polka dots and there will be an M on top! See the pic to get a better idea...of course this is not the right colors or top but I dont have the cake yet to take pictures of!! :)

The grooms cake is very fun as well!
Background Info: When Craig and I met he kept calling me Mandy Mae...of course my name is Hayley Mae and of course this annoyed me! I told him my name was HAYLEY MAE and he then tells me if i had a number he would remember it, and that he was good with numbers! I said fine just call me heifer #834! Well he has remembered and called me 834 ever since...SO his cake will be a cow with an ear tag #834...this cow cake picture will be similar to what I ordered!! I'm soo excited!!!

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  1. OMG! I started writing an article about cupcakes at weddings..., scheduled to go out next week! I would love to include these!!!!