Long Weekend for Wedding Errands!

Ok so maybe the whole weekend isn't dedicated to wedding stuff but part of it is :) The Farmer has a Feedlot Seminar in Omaha and I am meeting him there to participate in the wine pairing event they have concocted to give the women something to do while the men folk learn about ...hmmmm...feeding cattle, I guess?!?! I would rather just shop, but I was promised a shopping day on Saturday, so I will comply! I mainly just want to go to Garden Ridge! Omaha is the closest place that has one and it is to die for!! Think Hobby Lobby's big bad Daddy! This place is huge!! I need to get some vases and a few more bags for the OOTG Welcome Bags! You can just guess how excited the Farmer is about having to go here...any bets on how long it takes him to beg me to let him go sit in the car and wait?!?!? :)


  1. Garden Ridge is the best! I'm totally having a wedding weekend, since my fiance is getting his wisdom teeth out and I have to take care of him. :)

  2. There is a bigger & better Hobby Lobby??? I never knew!!! I need to plan a road trip now! :)

    Actually after looking at their website...we have a store called 'Flower Factory' in Ohio, I wonder if that is similar?!

    Good luck keeping the boy occupied! haha :)