I did it!!

I actually waited a whole (very long) week and a half to open presents!! The stuff from our Pampered Chef Shower was shipped to Craig's and as I mentioned in a previous post about the tragic card casualty, I vowed to not let him open anymore gifts without me..so far, so good! Ok so this is probably due to the fact that I knew what we were getting anyway, so I really didn't have to resist the urge to yell OPEN IT when he called to say he had received the packages, but still it's the effort that counts :) p.s. Thanks girls for all the fabulous loot!!!
The two huge boxes just waiting to be ripped open!!

I set all the gifts up for a photo shoot, that lasted about 10 minutes ;)

My lovely backdrop: The Farmer, having his morning coffee after chores...not interested in being the photographer's assistant! But very interested in the stuff in the boxes, not happy we can't use any of it until I move in, but very happy I will (stay tuned) be learning to use all the stuff very soon :)

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