I haven't printed the invite yet, but I thought I would give a preview!! All the tabs have Icons and Headings: RSVP, Reception, Travel Info...Of course not everybody will get an invite to the Rehearsal Dinner but there is quite a guest list, so I'm thinking an extra tab would be easier than doing a whole separate invite!

It will fold in the middle, where the white line is, then I will wrap ribbon around it and attach it with a logo sticker! I'm soo excited! The invite isn't final yet..knowing me I will change it around a couple more times but this is the main idea!! :) More pics to come when the assembly process begins!!


  1. Thats awesome! Your so lucky to be able to create all this stuff yourself! :)

  2. That looks awesome! I am seriously so jealous of your skills!

  3. don't tell me you MADE these? Wow. They look great!!!

    Can't wait to see more pics!