Weekend Re-cap!

I love Omaha!! :) I had actually been there one other time but just to try on wedding dresses so I didn't get to do anything "touristy." We had the best time! Our hotel was right next to The Old Market District...amazing! Tons of little shops and restaurants...loved it! I had time to make it to Garden Ridge on Friday...sans the Farmer, so I stayed there for about 3 hours checking everything out! I got the bags but they didn't have any vases that I liked and since these days I have been changing my mind so often, I figured they could wait a bit...but I was pretty bummed I could only mark one thing off the list!

On Saturday we went to the Omaha Zoo!! I had been hinting at this for a while but he kept telling me it was closed..I googled..it is open year round! He doesn't really care for zoo's because of all the caged up animals...it is kinda sad when you think about it, but not sad enough to not go!! They have a FABULOUS aquarium and sea lions...soo cute! I was a little disappointed that there were no flamingos!??! They are my FAVE!! Although we may have just missed them because we may or may not have rushed through the end due to the Farmer being hungry and me being hot!! Sweat really didn't go with my outfit! I have to admit that the best part was getting popcorn! It is the sole reason I go to sporting events and sometimes even the movies!! hehe! Now with that confession, I am off to work! Gotta catch up after having Friday off :)

us at the Old Market District! p.s. Did I ever mention how tall the Farmer is?!?! Like 6'7!

this was just like Jaws, when he bites through the glass and all the people almost drown!

I thought this fella was dead! Then his belly moved!

Just showing off my milking skills!

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