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This is a post I did a while back, on another blog for my sums us up to a tea :)

Pictures to verify that I am, in fact, engaged!

When I booked my wedding photographer (Vanessa B.) she said that I would get a free engagement session with my package. Woohoo! I could hardly contain my excitement! But my bubble was quickly popped when Craig (the fiancĂ©) made it clear to me that nothing life is free and that we would be paying for it one way or another (he can be quite cynical when he doesn’t want to participate in an activity). Nonetheless, I was not deterred. I promptly scheduled the perfect Saturday morning to take the pictures. I figured the earlier the better (in order to get the best light) so since I really don’t function until 8:00 a.m., I concluded this would be the perfect time. Now here is where the genius comes in…I decided to take the pictures at the farm! Craig absolutely loathes taking pictures so I believed this would be the perfect set up for maximum cooperation! Little do I know. The Friday night before the big event he proclaims that he has to load hogs at 4:00 a.m. the next morning. I calmly tell him that this is just not possible. He calmly tells me that the hogs are more important than lame engagement pictures. What?? How can anything be more important that “free” engagement pictures? I am baffled. Now I have gone from calm and collected to extremely can just imagine how much he loves it when I am like this! After I realize that the hogs will be loaded with or without my permission, I reside to the fact that my one and only (keep your fingers crossed) engagement pictures will feature Craig with blood shot eyes and his cranky look. Oh well at least I will look cute and well rested!! Now when we finally both do get ready and are waiting for our photographer to arrive the next morning, the first thing he says is “I better not have to kiss you”….Great, just great. I have seen her work, there will be kissing (this just added to the cranky face). I will have to admit that my face my have gotten a touch on the cranky side as well, but just during one part of the "hour long torture session" as he so lovingly refers to it. This touch of crankiness came about when the photographer fell in love with our Corgi puppy, Dooney. Dooney was my birthday present from Craig. I didn’t actually get to see her until she was older, I was expecting a cute cuddly puppy. My response when he gave her to me was “ewww she is big and gross!” This should tell you how much I love her, not to mention the fact that she thinks Craig is her’s and runs around him and barks at me whenever I am near him! Sooo when Vanessna began taking pictures of Dooney, I was like- great, now she is horning in on MY engagement pictures too!! Although, I must admit the Dooney pictures did turn out super cute and the rest of them were really GREAT!! She managed to get Craig to smile some and (gasp) even kiss me! She has to be the best photographer on the planet, can't wait for the wedding pics!! Here are a few of the faves, Please enjoy :)

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