busy bee!!

I have been very busy at work today designing and printing (thanks Erin) parts of the program. We have a full service print shop at the design firm I work for...lucky me!!

I have just printed the outside circles for now, since some of the ceremony info is still up in the air. It is gonna take me forever to cut out all those circles but my Mom got me a circle cutter awhile back for scraping so hopefully that will help the job go a bit quicker! The inside part is like an accordion and folds up, this part will have to be glued to the circles. The white part is where all the info will go once I figure it all out! Love it!!

the front


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  1. Please tell me you are a graphic designer... your projects and designs are awesome!!! Oh and you have GREAT taste in wedding colors:) I cant wait to see how it all turns out!