Church Auction!!

Our church's Taco Feed (MMMmmmm) and Auction were tonight!! This was my first time, since I was always in another town before the Farmer and I got married! It was soo fun and we got lots of neat stuff! I'll take you on a little tour of the purchases....

All of it!!

The cutest little truck!! I thought this would be cute for photography and now I actually have a toy at my house...did you hear that Asher?? We have a toy!!!

And the best part is the AMAZING homemade caramels in the back!!

The Farmer bought this when I wasn't has jellies, salsa, and pizza sauce...and a rooster that says Dad's Garden?!?!?!

I can't wait to try these with my hot chocolate!! Dutch Stroopwafles..they look soo good!!

tried to get the full effect, but they were hard to photograph!

This was for me!! Did you already guess!?!? It has MaryKay lotions and perfume, chocolates, fuzzy blanket, heart pillow, and the cutest Valentines basket!! Thanks Farmer :)

And when the Farmer walked away for a bit, Kate and I decided I NEEDED this quilt!! Isn't it cute?!?! It matches nothing in my house but i just cant say no to these pretty colors!! :)
We had such a good time and they raised a ton of money for the Church's building fund!! Woohoo!!

Now for the big bestie Brittany is having her baby tomorrow!!! I am SOOO excited!! Halle Faye will be here at 10:00 a.m. and I can't wait!! I wish I could be there, but I am going home in a month to see her and hold that baby until my arms fall off!!! I'm also going to take Lacie's Bridal portraits while I'm down south (they are going to be GORGEOUS! - and I will take them while my arm's are still intact!), and I'm sure meeting Amykins for lunch will be on the agenda, and seeing Trai and hopefully Emily somewhere along the way! And most definitely spending time with the Fam and getting my A-Dub and Cade fix! It will be a jammed packed week seeing my girls and going to my cousin's wedding, but most importantly thawing out!! This month can't go by fast enough!!


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