Are yall getting sick of my Valentine treats yet?!?! I have been hoarding stuff for my "baking cabinet" and realized I needed to use some more of it before Valentines Day is over!! So here's what I came up with!! Lovecakes anyone?? Ok, lets be honest, these are just plain old, out of the box, strawberry cupcakes....but they do have amazingly cute liners, not to mention homemade pink cream cheese frosting!

from my baking cabinet...had to get one more use out of the sprinkles this year!

love these!

really love these!!

I found this on the Christmas Clearance rack..its red and white icing swirled!

Soo just follow the directions on the box..I added some pink food coloring to make them really bright!

see how pink and pretty they turned out?!?!?

Next you make the frosting (click here for EASY recipe!) then dye it pink, or red, or yellow if you want!! :)

Now decorate until your heart is content!

Once your heart is content..put a few sprinkles on and call it a day :)
I should mention that I put the pink cream cheese frosting in a plastic baggy and cut the tip....this makes it so much easier to frost!! :)



  1. I'm not getting tired of seeing posts about them...I just wish I could eat some....too bad you don't live a bit closer:)

  2. That comment was from me, Brandi....sorry about that:)

  3. Oh my girl your pictures are amazing!!