I know, I know...

It has been WAY too long!! But I am almost through with the Magazine that has been consuming my life and I am SOOO ready to go home to Mississippi for a whole week!! I am leaving on Saturday morning and have a ton of fun things and photo shoots planned, but you know the drill..no blogging until I get back!! Try not to miss me too much!! I promise to come back with full updates and maybe even some new recipes (Momma you better have the Gumbo ready to go!)

I have a photo shoot this afternoon with Colton...remember his 6 month pics? Well now he is 9 months old and due for another session!! Afterwards, the Farmer and I are going out to eat (yea for getting out of the house!) with Colton's parents, who coincidentally are our cousins! :) Hopefully I will get the pictures edited and posted before I head South.

Well that's about all I have to report! I tend to get pretty boring when I have lots of work to do..but doesn't everyone?!?! :)
And just because every blog post needs a pic:

Hugs and kisses...

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  1. I bet you are planning to capture some photos of little miss adorable Halle Faye!!! You are just going to love her!!! I do!