Valentines Day!!

Cupid came to see baby Merritt :)

He got lots of fun stuff!!!

Isn't this cute!?! It has a suction cup thing on the bottom that makes it stand up! Prefect for when he can sit in his Bumbo seat with the play tray!

couldn't resist getting my little "Peep" some Peeps!!

And how fun is the farmer rubber ducky pig!?!?

This is my FAVE!!! Mommy may or may not have taken this out and played with it, just to make sure all trhe parts were there of course! ha!

This fun little book lights up..have I told yall
how much he LOVES lights!!

And books!!

Momma & Daddy sent us our favorite popcorn!! It has since been devoured! :)

and of course they, and my sissy, sent the babe Valentines happys!! Cousin Cade-o just had to give him that shirt! ha! Oh and that bag is full of Lindt Momma always sends these and the Farmer gets soooo excited! ha! They are AMAZING!!!

Hope yall had a fab day of love!! :)


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