Babys First Vaycay!!

This past weekend we took our first vaycay as a family of three!! We headed west to the Black Hills Stock Show in Rapid City, SD....yes, that is considered a vacation in my book! ha! Merritt did soo great in the car! He slept, looked at his hanging toys, and only cried when he was hungry. We had a great time and look forward to taking him back next year!!

We had to make a quick stop by my favorite, Wall Drug, for some photo opts!!

That is a bull on his onesie..soo cute! My friend Amanda got him several of them with different appliques, I will have to get the Etsy store info from her!

Headed out to eat!

Watching Daddy show! The babe was a perfect angel up until The Farmer came in the ring, he decided he was hungry, so I snapped a few pics and headed out of there before people started staring! ha!!

Family Photo :)

Cute booty!

First date with Paisley (our friends Jared and Lacey's little girl), she is a week younger than Merritt and seems soo tiny compared to him!!


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