Easter Feast!

I have been wanting to do a big Easter meal (like our Thanksgiving one!) for a few years, but I just never get it done! Well this year was the year! Last night we had a super yummy Easter feast!

This is one of The Farmers faves! (and I love it too!!) Its just California mix veggies, 
cheese slices layered on, and a tube of ritz crackers (crushed) mixed with a melted 
stick of butter for the topping! 
Baked at 350 for 45 minutes.  It's soo good!!

Fruit salad!

Potato Salad...confession: store bought! ;) Aint nobody got time for that! Ha!


Roasted Asparagus!


And Peanut Butter Cookie Pie!

Umm This is divine!! (recipe)

I found these adorbs Egg shaped plates last year on clearance and got a pink one for me, yellow for The Farmer, and green for the boys (you can kind of see theirs in the first pic!) They were perfect for our rolls!! So fun to get to use all my Fiesta and have a "fancy" meal!! :)


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